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The RV Repair Centre obtained the components and intellectual property relating to Camper Trailer lifting systems from Trevor Eastman (Camper Care) in 2018 who over many years provided these mechanisms to the Trade and Retail to repair, modify and replace existing mechanical external and internal roof lifters, supports, channel, brackets, cables, winches Etc. where most of these components were no longer available via the original manufacture. Trevor’s work during these years also included manufacturing components that were and still are more durable than originally supplied and where required redesigned components  to improve the mechanical advantage or reliability of the Camper Trailer roof lifting mechanism system.

Trevor Eastman (Camper Care) also developed kits that converted external lifting arm designs to internal that improved the appearance of the Camper Trailer externally and in doing so weatherproofed the lifting roof mechanism by moving this within the Camper Trailer interior walls.

The Director of The RV Repair Centre, Andrew Phillips is delighted to continue the work that Trevor Eastman created and whilst The RV Repair Centre will hold stocks of these parts Trevor during his retirement will be on hand to assist when required.