Camper Trailer Brands

Most of these roof lifter components will suit older Camper Trailers whereby repairers, collectors and handy persons may look to replace or update components to either leave as close to original as possible, or modify the mechanism to update the mechanical advantage or appearance. On the other hand, others may just require their trusty Camper Trailer roof mechanism repaired as it no longer raises due to a broken bracket or cable etc. Some of the Brands we cover include…

  • ACT Consort Campers
  • ACT Cruiser Campers
  • Chesney Freedom Express Campers
  • Cub Drifter Campers
  • Franklin Campers (Early Years)
  • Golf (Early Series) Campers
  • Jayco Songbird plus other early year Campers
  • Magic Camper
  • Millard Campers
  • Sunwagon Campers
  • Windsor Campers (Early Years)
  • Viscount Explorer Campers
  • And others……